Diversity and Inclusion: A Look at Housing in West Linn

Come join us for a discussion!

WHEN: Wednesday, November 20th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm

WHERE: West Linn Lutheran Church 20390 Willamette Dr.

Free Admission – Open to the public

The WLAIC November general meeting will feature a facilitated discussion on housing in West Linn and its relationship to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This discussion follows on from our September discussion on Economic Disadvantage in West Linn.

Affordable housing issues have been prominent in recent local news articles. West Linn City Government will be grappling with affordable housing issues as it considers State House Bill 2001 and the bill’s provisions to try and increase housing supply and improve affordability. Representative Rachel Prusak recently published an open letter concerning comments at a West Linn City Council meeting on possible City refusal to implement the legislation.

HB 2001 has created a good deal of discussion in multiple communities including West Linn. Its supporters point to the need for more affordable housing and its detractors push back that the provisions in the bill may increase supply but won’t make housing in cities like West Linn more affordable.

The WLAIC meeting on Wednesday, November 20th will explore the impact of affordable housing on diversity and inclusion, and examine the proposition that HB 2001 will increase affordable housing in West Linn.

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