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Statement issued by the City of West Linn: George Floyd

The City of West Linn and the West Linn Police Department join voices across the nation condemning the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Mr. Floyd’s senseless death is a stark reminder that violence, inequality, and racism against the black community still exist everywhere in our country.

Recent events in West Linn have underscored that we have many problems right here at home. The City of West Linn and the West Linn Police Department understand our key roles in addressing issues of racism and injustice in our own city and are taking a number of steps towards rebuilding trust and accountability in our community. Actions are underway including calling for and supporting independent investigations into our own practices and taking all necessary actions that may result from those investigations; completing diversity, equity, and inclusion audits, plans, and training for all City staff; and creating an independent police oversight task force.

We know much more work needs to be done; we are listening and learning from our past mistakes. To the many citizens who stand in peaceful protests in West Linn, in Portland, and across the country: we see you, we hear you, and we stand firmly with you. We must continue to work towards a better future for West Linn and for the nation as a whole. 

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