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West Linn citizens support equity and social justice

The West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community is excited to see the outpouring of support for equity and social justice in our community. Our members were pleased to attend many of the protests and demonstrations alongside hundreds of other residents. Peaceful protest is a right granted to all Americans, and it is through constructive protests that we, as citizens, can bring attention to needed changes both locally and nationally. Our collective recognition of the injustice behind the killing of George Floyd provides an opportunity to pursue real and necessary change for social justice in America.

We thank everyone who has taken their time to recognize this cause and support it. We encourage our fellow citizens to remember the following:

Protesting brings attention to needed change

In a democracy, change occurs through the ballot box and through citizens engaged in improving their communities and societies. Decide what kind of America you want and then work for it and vote for it.

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  1. As a new resident of West Linn, I want to support all organizations, educational reforms, and police reform which insures we are living in an unbiased community of openness to all races, religions and sexual orientation, a community which reflects the best of our American democracy and that works to improve it at every level.

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