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School District takes action against racist comments

The WLWV School District’s Board of Directors recently called for the resignation of Doris Wehler from the District’s Long Range Planning Committee. She had been a member of that committee for over 18 years. 

Ms. Wehler was a guest on a podcast produced by Matt Wingard and she made many disturbing comments that were antithetical to the School District’s long-term vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Some rioters and antifa need to be killed. . . . .”

“Yea, we’ve been teaching revisionist history now for quite some time.”

“So how do we get the black community to quit having babies that have no fathers?”

WLAIC supported the School District’s actions in the following letter:

WLAIC thanks the School Board for taking swift action in dismissing Doris Wehler.  The views she expressed in her podcast with Matt Wingard were objectional and damaging to the School District’s efforts promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. By serving on the Long Range Planning Committee, Ms. Wehler was a representative of the School District. Her statements were antithetical to the long-term vision of the School District administration.

Thank you again for your swift action.

The following link is to the podcast in question:

More details are available in the West Linn Tiding article by Corey Buchanan:

School district committee member resigns after ‘offensive’ comments

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