Unraveling Othering: a WLAIC Workshop

It’s Time

The global protests against racism and police brutality triggered by George Floyd’s murder, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, are a wake-up call.

We need to unravel how we got to where we are today in order to reshape a more equitable and just society. The work of change is not easy. It starts with ourselves and by listening deeply to the narratives of others.

About the Workshop

This free Zoom workshop focuses on our perception of others, some of which is rooted in our biology and some of which is rooted in our upbringing and cultural experience. Through mindfulness writing, we will explore our encounters with “the other” and experiences of being viewed as “the other” in a creative, safe zone.

Save the Date

Saturday, September 26 (9:30 – 11:30 AM)

  • We are keeping the group small (10 people) for WLAIC members.
  • RSVP by Sep 21 to Tamara Gilbert at creativeopenings097@gmail.com to receive your Zoom link.
  • Questions? Ask Tamara at (503) 656-8910.

About the Facilitator: 

Tamara Gilbert, owner of Creative Openings, is an expressive arts facilitator and communications consultant. A Brown University graduate, Ms. Gilbert earned her MA in Dance Ethnology from UCLA. She has taught dance/movement for over 20 years and has earned numerous awards for her creative work in environmental communications. Since graduating from Tamalpa Institute, Ms. Gilbert uses a holistic approach to expressive arts to help groups tap into their creativity and build community.