The West Linn Alliance Calls for Mark Shull’s Resignation

A Public Statement

The West Linn Alliance is a Clackamas County community organization focused on promoting social equity and social justice. We seek to address racism and discrimination in our midst, so we can build a community of collaboration and belonging. This mission aligns with the Board of County Commissioners’ resolution to value diversity, equity, and inclusion in Clackamas County. This resolution states that “the County values the multifaceted ways embracing diversity enables it to be a welcoming and inclusive place to live, work and enjoy life;” and that this board resolves to “establish by example and leadership the County’s commitment to these principals.” 

Recent evidence, brought to light by local media, indicates Mr. Shull’s core beliefs are contrary to parts of the County’s core mission. Mr. Shull’s repeated racist, Islamophobic, and transphobic statements are direct evidence of his inability to lead by example in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Based on this evidence, the West Linn Alliance urges Mr. Shull to resign. We need a commissioner whose values align with those of the Board of County Commissioners.

Published Letter to the Editor

(Written by Glenda Golter on behalf of the West Linn Alliance)

As a nation we’ve seen the immense damage that racist rhetoric can cause, and we need to take action to address this same behavior within Clackamas County’s government.

Mark Shull, recently elected Clackamas County Commissioner, has revealed his racist ideations over the years with a lengthy stream of xenophobic, racist, transphobic, anti-immigrant and Islamophobic social media posts. This past week, even as he’s trying to apologize for this behavior, he continued to make harmful and inaccurate statements. In a prepared statement at the Commission meeting on January 21, 2021, he made the false and dangerous claim that the Muslim community believes in Sharia law over the US Constitution. Earlier in the week, when pressed to say that black lives matter, Shull retorted that all lives matter.

As a community, we need to make it clear that this behavior does not represent the beliefs of Clackamas County, and that someone with Mark Shull’s toxic and outmoded beliefs should not be in a position of power or leadership. Join the West Linn Alliance in calling for Mark Shull’s resignation. To support these efforts, contact the County Commission office via email or phone, or make your voice heard by offering public testimony at the next Commission meeting.