The Start of School: WLWV

West Linn/Wilsonville School District announced their 2021-22 start date for September 7, the traditional day after Labor Day. Typically, this has not been a problem. However, this year, Rosh Hashanah, a very solemn day in the Jewish religion, falls on September 7 as well. It is a day when adults do not go to work and children do not go to school but attend synagogue all day in observance. 

The Oregon School Board Association has recommended that school districts avoid September 7, 2021 as a start date, and our neighboring school district of Lake Oswego has chosen August 30 as their start date, as have others. 

 Unless the schedule is adjusted by the WL/WV School Board, Jewish students and staff will not be able to attend the first day of school this year. The West Linn Jewish community has written a letter to the school board, attended the school board virtual meeting and met with the chairperson of the school board and the district superintendent to make this request. They stressed that they were not requesting a district holiday but a schedule adjustment for just this current school year. 

The first day of school is an important day for all students and faculty. The lack of normalcy since March 2020 makes this even more significant. The West Linn Alliance is concerned that all students and staff members should be able to attend the first day of the 2021 school year without such a conflict. We support the West Linn parents requesting an adjustment of the WL/WV start date.  

Below are links to: 

West Linn Alliance letter to the West Linn/Wilsonville School Board 

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