WLWV 2021 School Board Candidates & DEI

(The West Linn Alliance has asked all School Board Candidates for their views on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the WLWV School District. We are providing their responses as part of our voter education program. All responses received are posted below in the order received )

Candidate: Seiji Shiratori

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is the first reason I decided to run for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. I want to ensure our schools and hometowns remain safe for diversity. I am fundamentally opposed to the view that one can only be a “real American” if their ancestors came over on the right boat, at the right time, with the right skin color, the right religion, and speaking the right language. As a member of the Jewish faith with ancestors from East Asia and Europe, I will not allow America to be taken away from my family or from others who are diverse in terms of gender identity, religion, race, or any other characteristic.

On the board, I will ensure we continue to teach history and other sciences in an honest, fact-based, complete manner, that addresses all Americas with compassion and inclusion. I’ll put a stop to the practice of scheduling major school events on days important to members of any faith group or community. I will aim to improve our district’s communication with folks who do not have English as their first language. And, I will scrutinize our hiring, firing, promoting, and recruiting of staff and volunteers to ensure we get people who share these American values.

For more information on Seiji: ShiratoriForOregon.com.

Candidate: Kelly Sloop

I advocate for a safe, tolerant, inclusive, & respectful learning environment for all students regardless of race, gender, culture or belief. 

All students are valued and shall have equal opportunity for an education that will empower them with the gifts they posses to live life with purpose and belonging.

This priority of a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment should be extended to the school district administrative staff as well.

For more information on Kelly: www.kellysloop.com

Candidate: Kirsten Wyatt

I will support anti-racist policies and curriculum; as well as ongoing training for educators and staff to become lifelong learners about the complex and deliberate design of racism in our country. The role of race, gender, stereotypes, and power constructs should be included in a well-planned and age appropriate curriculum starting in primary schools through college and adult continuing education. Each day, our schools must strive for equity – finding ways to empower and equip our students to become 21st century leaders, with a focus on empathy, inclusion, and justice.
Statistics show that students of color are 30% of Oregon’s student population, and teachers of color are only 10%. We must work to recruit and retain teachers of color so they are representative of our communities, and we must build a stronger pipeline to attract and welcome talent to West Linn Wilsonville, so we are an employer of choice for the best teachers in Oregon.

For more information on Kirsten: ElectWyatt.com.