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Help Make West Linn a More Diverse and Inclusive City

Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and collaborate on projects that help build community in West Linn? 

The West Linn Alliance is a growing organization, and we depend on the efforts of our volunteers. 

Volunteers are currently working on:                                                                              

  • promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in West Linn schools,
  • advocating for transparency in the hiring of the new police chief, and
  • planning events and workshops of interest to our community.

In addition, we are in need of volunteers to help:

  1. develop and evaluate website and social media content.
  2. develop by-laws to strengthen our internal organization.
  3. work with businesses to promote more inclusive customer service.
  4. evaluate outreach and community education tactics.

If you are interested in helping us address the racism and discrimination in our midst, send us an email at