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Libra Forde

Elections 2022

(The following information is provided as a public service on behalf of the West Linn Alliance voter education campaign. All positions represented below are those of the candidate.) 

Office Sought: Clackamas County Commissioner #2

Libra Forde is committed to strengthening community by making it more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive. She affirms that by fully embracing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity all voices, and all experiences, are valued. She is committed to bringing decades of experience advancing equity to the work of the Clackamas County Commission. As a black cis-gender woman, Libra will commit to standing in alignment with listening, actions, decisions, speech that is just, equitable, and inclusive. She believes that all people and all perspectives should be invited to the conversation, given space to use their voice, know that their thoughts are heard and valued, and that success comes through a shared commitment to bridge differences and welcome collaboration. Our voice, our future.

Website: https://www.libraforclackamascounty.com/

Contact: info@libraforclackamascounty.com