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Law Enforcement and Police Reform in the State of Oregon

WLAIC supports the need for government policies and entities that strengthen public health and safety. We believe that sensible guidelines on the use of force in policing support this goal. WLAIC supports the following State-level policies called for by Legislative People of Color Caucus. The state legislature is taking up the issue of arbitration in […]


Review of Six Proposals on DEI Audit to City of West Linn

Author: Kathy Selvaggio, West Linn resident (The following submission was made to the City of West Linn regarding six proposals submitted in response to the City’s bid tender for a DEI audit.) I am submitting the following comments and attached spread sheet examining six of the 13 proposals received from firms in response to the […]


Poverty and Equity

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of the vision held by the West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community (WLAIC). This vision is one of a community where all people are welcome; all of our neighbors are safe from hate crimes, abuse, or harassment; and all West Linn residents can have equal opportunity […]