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Campaign to Recall Mark Shull

Mark Shull, the newest Clackamas County Commissioner, posted dozens of posts on Facebook disparaging people of color, Muslims, and other marginalized groups between 2019 and the present. At the Jan 14, 2021 Clackamas County Board of Commissioners meeting, Shull refused to step down, despite all 4 board members and more than 100 other elected officials […]

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The West Linn Alliance is allied with a number of other groups in supporting civil and violence-free elections Portland, OR – October 16, 2020 United in Spirit, along with our allied organizations, will hold a press conference on Friday October 30th (details below) calling for peace and civility in advance of the election. Our appeal is for civil discourse. […]

Stop Racism
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Talking to Kids about Racism

By Glenda Golter As a white mother of two white teenage daughters, I wish I’d been more deliberate about talking to my kids about racism when they were little. The topic of racism comes up more regularly now that they’re older, but I know I still have plenty of room to grow. In my efforts […]

West Linn Police Building
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Law Enforcement and Police Reform in the State of Oregon

WLAIC supports the need for government policies and entities that strengthen public health and safety. We believe that sensible guidelines on the use of force in policing support this goal. WLAIC supports the following State-level policies called for by Legislative People of Color Caucus. The state legislature is taking up the issue of arbitration in […]


Review of Six Proposals on DEI Audit to City of West Linn

Author: Kathy Selvaggio, West Linn resident (The following submission was made to the City of West Linn regarding six proposals submitted in response to the City’s bid tender for a DEI audit.) I am submitting the following comments and attached spread sheet examining six of the 13 proposals received from firms in response to the […]