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Public Statement: The Case of Mr. Michael Fesser

The West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community focuses on promoting equity, inclusiveness, and diversity in West Linn. We were dismayed at the recent revelations of actions that transpired in the case of Mr. Michael Fesser, and the involvement of individual members of the West Linn Police Force. We fully support the announced legal investigations into […]


Intelligent Lives

Intelligent Lives (a film by Dan Habib) will be showing on Tuesday, March 3rd from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Lake Theater 106 N. State St., Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Tickets are available through WLAIC – contact William House INTELLIGENT LIVES: a powerful documentary inviting us to rethink belonging and inclusivity through the lived experience of 3 young adults. Sponsored by West Linn-Wilsonville Schools, West Linn-Alliance for Inclusive Community, and Lake Oswego Schools, […]


Opinion: Stardust

Iron is commonly thought of only in the context of construction, metallurgy, and industrial manufacturing. However, iron is one of the critical ingredients of life. Humans, animals, and plants all require iron to sustain life. Hemoglobin in the blood of every living human requires iron to function. About 70 percent of our body’s iron exists […]


White Allyship Workshops

Next Workshop: March 18th – Unconscious Bias West Linn Lutheran Church  (20390 Willamette Dr. West Linn) 6:30 -8:00 pm – Free Admission  The workshop program January 22nd: Knowing Yourself – Learn to understand yourself and what you want to accomplish as an ally. February 19th: Active Listening – a gateway to engaging with others March 18th: Unconscious Bias– Learn more about unconscious racism There […]


Equity for LGBTQ students demanded at WLWV School Board meeting

West Linn High School (WLHS) students spoke at the December 2nd WLWV School Board meeting, urging the district to interrupt the current culture of LGBTQ harassment and provide an equitable educational experience for all students regardless of gender orientation. Multiple parents also spoke supporting the students, including State Representative Rachel Prusak.      The voices of students […]


Equitable Housing in West Linn

WLAIC’s November meeting focused on housing in West Linn and its impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The recent Clackamas County Regional Housing Needs Analysis (Sept. 2019), highlighted West Linn’s lack of available unbuilt land within the city limits. West Linn is forecast to need 998 new housing units over the next 20 years, but […]


Stepping into the future

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of the vision held by the West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community (WLAIC). This vision is one of a community where all people are welcome; all of our neighbors are safe from hate crimes, abuse or harassment; and no person or group is subjected to discrimination, […]



Help Create a Community that Honors Everyone: Please Join In! As a completely volunteer organization, WLAIC is open to any and all members of the West Linn community who would like to help in any capacity. From attending a meeting to share your stories and views, to helping with ongoing efforts, to spearheading a new […]


Government Committee

The City Government Committee works with the West Linn City Government (City Council and civil service branch) and with the West Linn Police Department to promote policies and practices that foster inclusion and acceptance.