Education & DEI: Be Heard

A collection of resources and information supporting communications with the School Board about diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools

Suggestions for influencing the School Board

Members of our School Board volunteer their time as a service to the community. Their role exposes them to comments from a variety of people regarding School District policy, curriculum, and direction. Groups from both inside and outside our community seek to influence the Board for a variety of reasons. The West Linn Alliance believes it is important for people to let the School Board know when they believe change is needed, but it is equally important to show support for programs they believe are working

Tips about communicating with the School Board

Whether you are sending a letter or giving public testimony there are three steps to remember:

Identify yourself, say where you live, and state your connection to our schools. This lets the Board members know you are a resident within the School District and understand your connection to our schools.


My name is Jane Doe. I reside at 1111Crossroad, West Linn. My daughter attends West Linn High School.

My name is John Doe and I live at 1111 Crossroad, West Linn. I have two children attending school in our district.

My name is Jane Doe. I live at 1111 Cross road and three of my children graduated from West Linn High School.

Deliver your message

Clearly state your message including concerns or issues you have, and communicate what your expectations are for School Board Action(s).

Below we have some standard content templates on current issues. Feel free to use and modify them as you see fit:

Thank the Board members for their time and for considering your comments

  • Remember you are limited to three minutes when giving public testimony at a School Board Meeting

Current Content Templates

The West Linn Alliance is currently concerned about the volume of communications to the School Board urging them to scale back their focus on diversity, equity and, inclusion (DEI). Be aware that a significant number people from outside of our School District are pushing this agenda. Their primary tactic is to link DEI to Critical Race Theory, despite the fact that no classes in Critical Race Theory are taught in the District.

Content Documents:

Content Templates are also available on the West Linn Alliance Google Drive.

School Board Contact Information

Elected Board Members:

  • Louis Taylor –
  • Kirsten Watt –
  • Kelly Sloop –
  • Chelsea King –
  • Christy Thompson –

General Contact Information:

Please submit written public comment before 8:00 a.m. the day of the meeting, with a request that your comments be forwarded to School Board members

Please email Board Secretary Kelly Douglas with relevant public comments and include you name and address: