WLAIC Local News Roundup

Oregon Hate Crimes Dropped in 2018  Read more in Portland Tribune

Garet Prior takes a deeper look at equitable housing in Wilsonville

West Linn aims to tackle discrimination  (Read More in the West Linn Tidings)

Walidah Imarisha (Photo by Pete Shaw)

Uncovering Oregon’s racist history – Walidah Imarisha spoke to an audience of over 200 people on July 23rd at an event co-sponsored by the West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community. Her talk titled ‘Why Aren’t There More Black People in Oregon: A Hidden History,’ was well received by the audience. Read more in the West Linn Tidings article by Ava Eucker.

Equitable Housing Task Force – Wilsonville:  Garet Prior discusses the question “Can we achieve equity without talking about race?

Multnomah County racial disparities grow in arrests, jailing (Portland Tribune)“

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