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The West Linn Alliance

Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Inclusion

We are neighbors working together with local government, schools, organizations, and businesses to make West Linn a safe and welcoming community for all.

The West Linn Alliance recognizes that we continue to see hate-related incidents in West Linn. We know these incidents are not representative of our community as a whole, and we urge West Linn residents to stand against such actions and promote an environment where all people are welcome in our community. We believe everyone who decides to live or work in our community should be able to do so without being subjected to acts of bias, prejudice, or hate. 

News Tri Met Improvements

Tri Met Improvements in WEST LINN

Tri Met is proposing changes that will positively impact some people in WEST LINN by connecting WEST LINN with Lake Oswego. A new Line 153 would replace Line 154 service in Downtown West Linn on Willamette Falls Dr, Ostman Rd and Blankenship Rd, then continue… Read More »

Blog – Clackamas County DEI

Clackamas County Equity and Inclusion Office is Under Threat, with county commissioners wanting to defund it.

Across our land, regressive individuals and coalitions are actively seeking to deny historical facts and push our country backward in time to an era when discrimination was the widely accepted norm. Part of their focus is on eliminating public and private efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Unfortunately, Clackamas County is not immune to this threat.