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West Linn Housing Presentation

    On December 2, the West Linn Alliance hosted a meeting on Housing in West Linn. Our speaker for the evening was Betty Avila, a member of the West Linn City Planning Department. 

    Betty gave a good presentation on the City’s process for considering new code changes following recent action at the State level (HB2001) to provide more housing opportunities.

    The largest concern arising in the Q&A session centered on the lack of initiatives for providing affordable accommodations and entry level housing. 

    The Alliance believes affordable housing is an important consideration in addressing local housing needs. If you share that view, please contact Betty Avila at 503-742-6057 or

    We are providing below a letter template for email or written response if you want to use it for contacting Betty:


    West Linn City Planning Department
    Re: Equitable and Affordable Housing
    I have followed the City’s progress in preparing to meet the requirements of House Bill 2001. Betty Avila did an excellent job updating the West Linn Alliance on the planning process and providing context for ensuring more middle housing options are available for the City’s residents. I believe there is a distinct need for middle housing as we move toward a future where limited space is available in West Linn for new homes.  
    I noted the planning emphasis is on smaller homes as opposed to more affordable homes. While the two are connected in some localities, I don’t believe that smaller will necessarily translate into more affordable in West Linn, where home prices are already extraordinarily high. 
    I urge the City to consider the issue of affordable housing and include in their new development policy provisions that will create more affordable homes so those who work in our locality can also afford to live here. 
    Thank you for your consideration of my input.