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The West Linn Alliance Book/Film Discussion Group

The West Linn Alliance invites community members to participate in a BOOK/FILM DISCUSSION series for 2021, centered around the themes of confronting racism and creating an “inclusive” community. The focus is to engage the community of West Linn in meaningful thought and discussion around issues including countering racism, promoting inclusion, and making all people feel welcome in […]


Unraveling Othering: a WLAIC Workshop

It’s Time The global protests against racism and police brutality triggered by George Floyd’s murder, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, are a wake-up call. We need to unravel how we got to where we are today in order to reshape a more equitable and just society. The work of change is not easy. It […]


How does economic disadvantage affect equity and inclusion?

West Linn is the third wealthiest municipality in the State of Oregon, but this does not mean there is no economic distress. Data shows that 4.3% of West Linn’s residents fall below the federal poverty line and a higher number than that live with financial hardships.  The West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community is pleased […]


Gail Greenman

School Board Candidate for Director Position 2 Website Facebook Gail provided WLAIC with the following position statements: Issue 1:  Please provide your views on the issue of teaching gender orientation and gender identity within the framework of West Linn-Wilsonville curriculum.  Understanding, compassion and inclusion in our schools is absolutely necessary. In order to create […]