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Thank you for a successful Juneteenth

    Celebrating Our Stories was a Juneteenth event capturing West Linn oral histories to save for posterity.  

    West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community extends a sincere thank you to all our partners for their help on Juneteenth weekend. This was our first year holding this event and we had eight participants sharing five diverse stories. We look forward to more partnerships which could enable this to become a tradition.

     Our partners included:

    Elliott Miller of Rascal Recording who captured high quality recordings,

    Kristine Webb of Willamette Thrive flexible co-working space, whose lovely podcast booth was a perfect venue for our event,

    West Linn Public Library and the city for organizing and promoting the Juneteenth event which gave us this opportunity,

    Oregon Historical Society for advice on the legal release forms needed,

    West Linn Historical Society for advice on archival services,

    West Linn Lutheran Church who provided equipment, and

    Emily Cooper and PDX Translations for starting us on the pathway to more multicultural outreach.

    Thank you everyone!


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