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Burning Books

An Orwellian Dilemma

    Something’s Happening Here Nine o’clock at night is not when I would hope to be online waiting to deliver a message to our local School Board. Yet there I was, sitting at my desk, waiting for my allotted three minutes to address the Board. It… Read More »An Orwellian Dilemma

    CCEC Quarterly Meeting

      Community safety and the history of policing The Clackamas County Equity Coalition  will hold its quarterly meeting on: Thursday, September 15, 20224:30 pm Guest speaker and local pastor, Aric Clark, will offer an information session on community safety and the history of policing. Breakout discussions to follow. Register:

      What It Takes to Migrate

        Join us for a free online presentation and facilitated discussion: Thursday, September 22, 7:00-8:30 PM Co-sponsored by the West Linn Alliance and the West Linn Public Library Not every refugee fleeing violence in Central America gains asylum in the U.S. The work of several U.S. attorneys… Read More »What It Takes to Migrate

        Descent into Theocracy

          The recent enshrining of radical Christian aspirations into law, at both Federal and State levels, should raise a red flag for anyone who values diversity and religious freedom.

          Refugee Kit Update

            Thank you to all of the volunteers, residents, and employees who have been participating in our campaign to stock the Oregon Refugee Care Collective warehouse with restart kits. We delivered 37 completed kits on March 11. The very next day, another 20 were delivered to us at the… Read More »Refugee Kit Update